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The last vestige of 'baby Benz' disappears with new design.

written by Bob Storck (print this article)

If there is any color that complements silver it is a deep green, and a whole barrage of sleek shimmering Teutonic arrows flashing through the Northwest woods cannot help but capture attention-and envy. "Betcha these cost over sixty," a rest stop observer opines, which draws a delighted correction from theClick for a larger 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class picture Mercedes staffer. Even with the difference in the Canadian dollar, a new, well-equipped entry-level Benz is well under $40K, even with a heavy hand on the option list.

Mercedes-Benz has completely rede-signed and re-engineered the C-Class for 2001. The only carryover items from the old C-Class are the three-pointed star on the hood and the lug nuts. The only people likely to find fault with the C-Class styling are current E-Class buyers who may resent the sleek lines of this more affordable junior relative. Mercedes has rolled out this all new C-Class lineup in an attempt to double its share in the swelling and competitive entry-level luxury market.

Two C-Class models are available: C240 ($29,950 ) and C320 ($36,950). Both are identically designed sedans. (Over the next 12 to 18 months, the company will be adding different body styles to the line including a wagon and a coupe.) C240Click for a larger 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class picture comes with a 2.6-liter V6 rated at 168 horsepower; C320 uses a 3.2-liter V6 that develops 215 horsepower.
While the main difference between the two models is engine size, the C320 comes equipped with a little more standard equipment. For example, on C240 sedans, seat height and backrest adjust electrically. C320 models come with full power memory front seats and Bose premium audio system. A five-speed automatic transmission with Touch Shift comes standard on the C320 and is optional on the C240. In a nod toward sports appeal and frugality, a six-speed manual transmission comes standard on the C240.

It is apparent that the new C-Class gets its looks from the super-luxury S-Class and CL lines. In style and concept, the C-Class has a personality all its own. It is pitched at young customers who want a car that is strong on emotion and distinctive in design. Powerful proportions give the new C-Class a distinctly sporty look, with a much more rounded roof and a smoother front and rear. At the same time the characteristic ribbed Mercedes radiator grille with the centrally positioned star and the eye-catching ellipsoid front headlamps clearly identify this car as a Click for a larger 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class picturemember of the Mercedes family. The sleek new C-Class features a unique interpretation of the familiar elliptical headlight design, resembling over-lapping ovals with a figure-eight outline.
Though it seems significantly larger than the predecessor C-Class, it's longer by less than an inch. Aerodynamics are a key component of design, and the C-Class excels with an improved drag coefficient of 0.27. Furthermore, seem-ingly minor details add up. The A-pillars are shaped to minimize wind noise at speed, as are the door seals and side-view mirrors. Airflow over the windshield wipers is minimized for noise as well as air turbulence. A notched sunroof deflector effectively eliminates interior booming.

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